TotalView: Revenue Cycle Analytics and Reporting for Specialty Practices

Ensure accurate reimbursement and maximize cash flow with our revenue cycle analytics and reporting tool for oncology and specialty practices.


    Reporting for an Optimized Revenue Cycle

    TotalView helps by delivering financial performance and productivity reports that allow specialty practices to spot trends and take action. Armed with a clear picture of your specialty or oncology practice’s revenue cycle, you have a better chance of identifying missed opportunities, such as inadequately reimbursed drug charges or procedures.

Financial performance and productivity reports that help specialty practices succeed


An efficient revenue cycle is critical to your practice's success. The simple, graphically based reports from TotalView? make comprehensive reimbursement reporting a reality. Using your practice's electronic claims (837) and remittance (835) information, TotalView turns your real-time data into meaningful insights.

Key benefits of TotalView reports:
  • Understand and address your practice's most common denials to quickly work unpaid claims and maximize reimbursement
  • See which denial codes your practice experiences most frequently, so you can make changes to your billing processes and increase your first-time payment rate
  • Identify the procedure codes that give your practice the most trouble, and adjust how they are billed to decrease total days to payment
  • Pinpoint inconsistent payments versus contracted rates, understand your fee schedule as a percentage of Medicare, and identify underpayments for key drugs
  • Determine which claims did not cross over to a secondary payer to maximize reimbursement and help patients take advantage of all their benefits
  • Quickly answer patient questions about their insurance coverage and help them better understand their financial responsibility
  • Measure productivity by provider for insight into operational efficiency
  • Understand the demographic and diagnosis makeup of your patient population
TotalView’s unique features result in actionable insights:
  • Secure, web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) tool
  • Data automatically refreshed each night, with no additional work required from your staff
  • Dashboard customization with reports most relevant to each user's role
  • Drill-down capabilities for a deeper look into your revenue cycle
  • Filter options by date, payer, provider, code and facility for quick access to the right analytics
  • Export capabilities for viewing data in multiple formats, including PDF and Excel
  • Performance benchmarking against peers at the state, national and MAC level
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