RelayRx Medical Billing for Pharmacies

Enable medical billing within your pharmacy workflow to bring accessible and effective clinical services to your patients.


    See How Our Medical Billing Solution Can Help Your Pharmacy

    Offering clinical services deepens customer relationships and drives traffic to your pharmacy – but it can be hard to tell which customers are eligible for medical benefits, and submitting claims can be tricky. Learn how RelayRx Medical Billing can open up new opportunities for your pharmacy.


Since most people visit their local pharmacy two to three times per month, it makes good business sense to strengthen patient relationships by expanding your pharmacy’s clinical services. These healthcare services – such as smoking cessation, A1c checks and strep tests – may be covered under a patient’s medical insurance.

Now, you can offer accessible and billable healthcare services to your community more easily with RelayRx? Medical Billing.

Streamline manual billing processes

You might already offer clinical services which allow you to practice at the top of your license and provide convenient, needed services to your patients.

But two problems persist. First, it’s often hard to know which patients are eligible for medical benefits. And second, submitting claims from pharmacy for medical plan reimbursements has been inefficient—until now.

With RelayRx Medical Billing, medical billing within workflow can be just a few clicks away. You can now check medical eligibility in real time. You can also bill for clinical services using x12 reimbursement transaction technology. This is the same billing pathway that physicians and hospitals use to request medical service reimbursements.

Improved care access. The freedom and opportunity to expand patient care. And compensation for services that are reimbursable under a medical benefit. It’s all within your reach.

Boost your pharmacy’s business with RelayRx Medical Billing

  • Expand clinical services
  • Bill medical claims and document clinical services within workflow
  • Create additional revenue streams
  • Strengthen patient relationships
  • Help improve population health in local communities, including services in rural areas

Offer a better experience to your pharmacy patients:

  • Convenience
  • Just-in-time care
  • Chronic condition monitoring and testing
  • Improved well-being

Some or all of the described services may not yet be available. The descriptions of the services provided are for informational purposes only and are subject to change.

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