Pharmacy Point of Sale Software & Equipment

Use our point of sale (POS) software system to manage retail sales transactions, inventory and pricing for a single pharmacy or across multiple sites.

  • Upgrade Your Customer Checkout Experience

    Your pharmacy can benefit from industry-first point of sale payment processing technology and equipment, including:

    • Integrated EMV chip card compliance technology
    • NFC payment processing capability (such as Apple Pay?, Google Wallet?, Samsung Pay?)
    • Remote software updates and support for quick deployment of new payment capabilities
    • PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance validated by the most current industry security standards
    • Support for PCI P2PE certified devices, which reduce PCI scope for PCI auditors

As the frequency and severity of data breaches grows, keep your retail independent or outpatient pharmacy’s data secure with McKesson Pharmacy Systems’ Point of Sale (POS) software system.


A pharmacy POS system that increases productivity and profitability

Our point of sale software streamlines the process for PCI and HIPAA compliance. It also provides a comprehensive set of management capabilities to run an efficient retail space—all within your current workflow.

EnterpriseRx customer checkout experience

Our hosted POS system integrates with EnterpriseRx to let you manage sales transactions, inventory and pricing for a single store or across multiple sites. Our point of sale software also offers extensive reporting capabilities to give you valuable insight into the purchases being made at your store.

Pharmacy delivery service for patient medications

Our prescription medication delivery service tracks information about your pharmaceutical deliveries, including patient signatures, payment details, delivery status and driver routes.

With our patient medication mobile delivery service, you can:

  • Reduce the number of abandoned prescriptions to help improve pharmacy efficiency and profitability.
  • Pursue new revenue opportunities by offering convenient home and bedside medication delivery to your patients.
  • Maximize operational efficiency by accepting prescription medication payment remotely at the point of delivery.
  • Increase patient medication adherence by making sure patients receive their prescription drug refills in a timely manner.
  • Adopt remote payment by using a Wi-Fi or mobile data plan connection to process transactions for credit, debit, HSA and FSA cards.
  • Improve customer service by managing transactions at the drive-thru, curbside delivery and as a line buster at the register.

Additional point of sale payment processing capabilities

Flexible payment options
Support multiple standard payment options, including credit, debit, gift card and FSA/HSA cards. You can also offer NFC payment processing technologies, including Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Samsung Pay. Our point of sale equipment provides seamless gateway connectivity to leading U.S. payment processors and convenient digital receipt management with electronic signature capture.

Secure transaction processing
Get cutting-edge payment processing technology and PCI compliance validated by the most current PA-DSS security standards. Our point of sale software leverages the expertise of leading payment technology providers to deliver a wide array of services, including integrated EMV chip compliance technology.

Synchronized inventory management
Keep shelves stocked with products your patients need, whether in a single store or across multiple sites, with integrated, automated ordering between our pharmacy management and POS systems. Wholesaler product load and price file updating helps you keep your product prices in line with those of your competitors.

Encrypted point of sale equipment
Our point of sale software system lets you choose either PA-DSS or P2PE certified devices for your pharmacy. While both devices provide a point to point encrypted payment processing solution, P2PE devices offer additional protection through tamper resistant and chain of custody measures.

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