McKesson Health Systems – Beyond Pharmaceutical Distribution

It’s time to expect more from your pharmaceutical distributor


Focusing on the right product at the right price is no longer enough

At McKesson, we’re relentless in our pursuit to capture every revenue opportunity and operational efficiency, to eliminate waste, and to help you drive the financial well-being of your health system so you can achieve more of your goals today and into the future.

We leverage our scale with global suppliers, apply sophisticated modeling to forecast supply and demand, and seamlessly integrate new distribution strategies for specialty products, creating a more transparent and equitable supply chain.

Through the power of partnership, our experts take a holistic view of your unique organization and apply advanced analytics to reveal insights and opportunities to boost your clinical and financial performance. We connect the dots between your drug utilization and tangible solutions from across our enterprise and partners, health systems operations, and patient care efforts. As your health system innovates to stay competitive, we help you seamlessly extend operations to outpatient oncology and specialty clinics, long-term care, and retail settings for an end-to-end solution that maximizes your return.

Only McKesson provides the perspective, focus, and execution you need so you can focus on improving the health of your health system and the patients you serve.

See our updates related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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    In It Together

    You are committed to your patients, and we are committed to you. See how.


    Deciphering the Industry Drivers Behind Drug Shortages

    Pharmaceutical distributors pride themselves on delivering their own brand of solutions to help customers enhance efficiencies while supporting quality care. Yet, when it comes to industry-wide drug shortages, all wholesalers face similar challenges.


    Our Drug Distribution Network

    We deliver drugs to every setting of care, from national and retail chain pharmacies to independent pharmacies, hospitals, health systems and clinics.

    Our strong supplier relationships, combined with deep supply-chain expertise, allows us to deliver the right drug at the right time. From alternate-site and extended-care pharmacies to national chains and independents, we're here to help you offer your patients the excellent care they deserve.