Pharmacy Business Services

Promote growth, operational efficiency and patient medication adherence with a portfolio of pharmacy-related business services.

  • Key business services for pharmacies

    • Printing services: Stand out from the competition with personalized, professional, high-quality pharmacy labels.
    • Merchant processing: Get the latest in payment processing technology, tailored for the pharmacy environment, with our credit and debit card processing service.
    • Security & compliance: Safeguard Protected Health Information (PHI) and customer credit card data with our SecurePCI, SecureHIPAA and Secure Cloud Gateway products.
    • Partner services: Take advantage of our partnerships with vendors that provide pricing tools, prior authorization, specialty and medication management to help you navigate the ever-changing health care landscape.

As a pharmacy owner, your most important job is patient care. You don’t have time to search for the services you need to run your business. You need effective tools that can help lower your costs and improve profitability so you can focus on your patients.


Run a better pharmacy operation, achieve better business results

McKesson Pharmacy Systems (MPS) Business Services offer a broad portfolio of services uniquely positioned for the pharmacy business. Our solutions provide pharmacy owners and managers with tools and resources to focus on patient care and achieve better business results.

Our services can also help your pharmacy meet changing market conditions, such as evolving patient care models, complex reimbursement plans, new credit card security and compliance requirements, and increasing vulnerability to patient data breaches.

Customize services to your pharmacy’s needs

MPS pharmacy management system partner services*

Drug pricing service: Get price schedules for the top 2,100 brand and generic items in your system using area-specific market data through our alliance with OmniSYS, our automatic price consulting service.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Improve patient adherence ratings through the automation of routine patient communications. With IVR solutions, you can automate refill and pick-up reminders to patients in either text, call, or email format. You can also let patients request refills without having to talk to pharmacy staff, and tell patients about vaccination clinics or other special promotions.

Medicare Selection Tool: Get help recommending Medicare Part D plans for patients with the Medicare Selection Tool. The comparison tool also identifies out-of-pocket patient costs, pharmacy reimbursements, and DIR fees.

Specialty patient management: Manage specialty drug therapies, including pre-configured clinical assessments, care plans and outcomes tracking, prior authorization and co-pay support, drug- and disease-specific counseling, adverse event reporting, manufacturer reporting, and patient communications.

Specialty Rx fill enablement service: Fill specialty medications by completing all background tasks necessary to complete specialty fills (such as prior authorizations and patient financial counseling), while you retain the actual fill task and the revenue associated with that fill.

Prior authorization management: Quickly and easily submit prior authorizations with this simple, one-button tool that frees up valuable staffing resources.

Remote verification & video consulting: Use low-volume or centralized pharmacists to complete verification or patient consultation remotely, so you don’t have to staff a pharmacist at every site.

Med guides & dosing schedules: Translate simplified, easy-to-read med guides and dosing schedules into the native language of your patient. Guides are written for low-literacy populations and triggered to print when you dispense a patient’s medication.

Prescription translation services: Ensure your patients understand their medication regimen with our language translation offerings. You can print vial labels, med guides and dosing schedules in a patient’s native language and provide on-demand voice translation services.

Medication therapy management (MTM): Identify opportunities for patient interactions, including medication reviews and targeted interventions, and help pharmacies get reimbursed for MTM services rendered.

*Availability of partner services depends on your pharmacy management system. Please contact your McKesson Account Representative to learn which services are available for your system.

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