Central Fill as a Service: Centralized Prescription Dispensing System

Enjoy the advantages of the traditional central fill pharmacy model with minimal upfront investment and inventory carrying costs.

  • Harness McKesson’s combined capabilities

    Central fill automation technology: Improve patient outcomes, increase service levels, minimize costs, and keep revenue flowing.

    Workflow: Increase efficiency for your pharmacy management and clinical program solutions.

    Drug distribution: Access the right medications at the right time and in the right place while maintaining a 99.98% order accuracy rating.

    340B: Streamline 340B operations.

The benefits of an automated prescription fulfillment facility with little to no upfront cost


The traditional centralized pharmacy automation model requires a significant upfront capital investment. Central Fill as a Service (CFaaS), from McKesson High Volume Solutions, is an affordable alternative to a high-volume, automated prescription fulfillment facility.

With Central Fill as a Service, qualifying pharmacies benefit from McKesson owning and operating the centralized pharmacy automation facility. With the help of our team of industry experts, you can develop a high-volume pharmacy automation solution that addresses the specific requirements of your business.

Reduce upfront investment and drug inventory carrying costs

  • Enjoy the benefits of central fill without a significant capital investment.
  • Eliminate drug inventory carrying costs.
  • Pay only a per-script fee (targeted to be lower than your current cost to fill) and supply the pharmacist. McKesson takes care of the rest.

Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs

  • Decrease your system-wide labor cost per prescription with automated prescription fulfillment.
  • Reduce on-site inventory with McKesson storing inventory at central fill facility.
  • Reduce overall dispense costs by relying on centralized prescription dispensing and fulfillment.

Focus your pharmacy's efforts on patient care and safety

Identify and pursue new revenue opportunities for your pharmacy

  • Receive and dispense 340B inventory by connecting to our 340B Gateway (patent pending).
  • Capture prescription-dispensing opportunities for patients discharged from the hospital.
  • Create patient medication adherence programs that support specialty medication dispensing, mail order, and long-term care (LTC) opportunities.

Flow chart of the Central Fill as a Service process


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