Pharmacy Automation Technology for Central Fill Facilities

Support high-quality patient care, operational efficiency and large-scale performance with pharmacy automation technology.


    How It Works: Customized Pharmacy Automation

    See how McKesson High Volume Solutions uses pharmacy automation technology to make your life easier. Our customers describe how we assemble, verify, package and deliver patient-ready medications from a central fill facility.

Support your pharmacy’s unique operational, regulatory and financial requirements with customized automation technology.

A fully integrated and optimized pharmacy automation system can help you:

  • Reduce medication dispensing errors.
  • Deliver prescriptions to patients more quickly.
  • Free up pharmacy resources.
  • Spend more time counseling patients.
  • Improve operational efficiency.
  • Optimize financial performance.

Expand your pharmacy services portfolio and improve medication adherence

If you process a large volume of prescriptions daily, McKesson’s High Volume Solutions lets you build or customize a central fill facility equipped with a high-speed robotic system that can:

  • Accurately gather prescription orders.
  • Measure, count, assemble and verify medications.
  • Package orders for return delivery to your pharmacy or for mail-order shipment to your patients.
  • Support clinical wellness programs that promote specialty medications.
  • Coordinate the processing and delivery of high-cost or special-maintenance prescriptions (so you don’t have to stock them).

Boost financial performance with pharmacy automation

  • Maximize revenue opportunities by working with a team of the most experienced sales, software and hardware engineers in the business.
  • Implement customized pharmacy automation solutions that scale with your growing business needs and objectives.
  • Secure the lowest cost per script with volumes of scale available through central fill drug inventory.
  • Maximize efficiency with high-speed pharmacy automation and streamlined prescription processing capabilities.

Optimize your pharmacy’s operational efficiency

  • Automate medication dispensing and reduce administrative complexity with the fastest and most accurate robotic counting technology in the industry (99.99%).
  • Automate up to 95% of all countable prescriptions.
  • Optimize supply chain management and reduce inventory holding costs.
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing our systems operate with unparalleled uptime and reliability.

Improve patient care to promote medication adherence and healthy outcomes

  • Ensure patient safety with radio frequency identification (RFID), bar code and imaging technology.
  • Offer convenient pickup or delivery options for patients with efficient, high-speed automation technology.
  • Improve productivity by streamlining prescription processing, so staff can focus on high-value personalized counseling and clinical services.
  • Promote patient medication adherence by interfacing with other McKesson pharmacy technology products and services.


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