ExpressRx Track: Automated High-Speed Drug Dispensing System

Streamline your drug dispensing operations with affordable pharmacy automation technology.

McKesson High Volume Solutions' ExpressRx Track is a high-speed, conveyor-based automated dispensing system for pharmacies that dispense up to 3,000 prescriptions per shift. ExpressRx Track is affordable and compact, but it’s powerful enough to meet all your pharmacy's fulfillment needs.

Pharmacy automation that provides high quality in high quantities

When you invest in a pharmacy automation system to optimize your drug dispensing operations, you shift prescription processing from your pharmacy staff to a centralized prescription fulfillment system. This lets you:

  • Maximize operational efficiency.
  • Reduce dispensing costs.
  • Optimize drug inventory.
  • Free up resources to provide enhanced patient care.

ExpressRx Track is ideal for pharmacies that want to centralize medication dispensing to support mail order, specialty or central fill programs. The system’s hardware and robotics easily manage your present-day dispensing volume and scale, while accommodating the future fulfillment challenges of a dynamic healthcare market.

Pharmacy automation for unparalleled accuracy and quality

  • Automate up to 95% of all countable prescriptions.
  • Deliver industry-leading 99.99% robotic counting accuracy.
  • Enhance safety with RFID, barcode and imaging technology.
  • Use a tote or puck conveyance solution.
  • Improve supply chain management and reduce inventory holding costs.
  • Connect with pharmacy management systems and wholesaler inventory systems.

Automation technology that operates with your pharmacy management system

ExpressRx Track interfaces with multiple pharmacy management systems. But it only fully integrates with the EnterpriseRx?hosted system from McKesson Pharmacy Systems.

Advantages of using ExpressRx Track and EnterpriseRx together include:

  • Centralized view of prescription tracking, offering patients real-time feedback on medication pickup or delivery times.
  • Pharmacy refills delivered direct from the pharmacy for patients enrolled in Enhanced Refill Processing.
  • True two-way interface for status messaging throughout the entire medication fulfillment process.
  • Ability to correct and resubmit cancelled or rejected prescriptions.
  • Better inventory awareness and filtering to reduce prescription rejections prior to allocation.
  • Access to closed-loop audit trails, check-in processes and e-manifests.
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