Corporate Social Responsibility: Employees and Communities

We support the health of our employees, our patients and the communities we touch.

Our vision for a healthier world begins with patients and extends to our employees. We know that when our employees are healthy, not only do they enjoy their own lives more, but they help create healthier communities. As a team, we work to create healthier communities through access to care, and by giving back — both with our money and with our time.

Our people

We support healthy lifestyles for our employees and their families, and we design workplaces that are safe and secure. Beyond our facilities, a healthy workplace also means opportunities for employees to thrive and succeed.

Our people are the key to our success. We aim to be an employer of choice and to help employees leverage their strengths. To support their growth, we provide regular feedback and training. And we work to create and maintain an inclusive environment where everyone brings their authentic self to work and enjoys great employee experiences at every touchpoint.

McKesson’s culture is one of empowerment, recognition, and belonging. It is grounded in our ICARE shared principles, which guide and unite all our employees. ICARE supports our inclusive corporate culture, where we treat others with respect and appreciate diverse identities, thoughts, backgrounds, and styles. Our culture is further brought to life through ILEAD, which is our commitment to leadership behaviors across our work and our business. These behaviors, combined with our cultural values, are what makes McKesson unique and promotes a culture in which all employees feel supported and valued.

We build the best teams by conscientiously recruiting, developing, and retaining diverse talent. We engage and build a high performing organization to deliver unrivaled business results.

We are proud to be recognized for our culture of inclusion. Among other achievements in FY19, we were:


McKesson's Workforce


Gender (Companywide)

  • Female: 65%
  • Male: 35%
  • Unspecified: <1%

Age (Companywide)

  • <30 Years: 24%
  • 30?–?50 Years: 48%
  • >50 Years: 28%

Ethnicity (McKesson U.S. Employees)

  • People of Color: 43%
  • White: 53%
  • Unknown/declined to state: 4%

We are committed to respecting the rights of all McKesson employees. Labor laws and practices vary among the countries where we do business, and we are committed to following all applicable labor laws and regulations in those countries, including those governing labor-management relationships.

Advancing employee well-being

We offer programs that advance the physical, mental, financial and social well-being of our employees and their families. We focus on engaging all, and we measure our success through the annual global Employee Opinion Survey.

We know healthcare systems are different in different countries, and our programs reflect that. For example, in Canada and the U.S., our programs include an annual health review, an interactive wellness portal and an employee assistance program. In those countries, we also provide free fitness trackers that connect to an online wellness platform, organize health challenges, and maintain a network of employee Wellness Champions. We also help employees plan for retirement, whether they’re far along in their career or just starting out.

Opportunities to grow

McKesson wants our employees to be excited about their careers, so we invest heavily in employee growth and development. That means rewarding job assignments, one-on-one feedback from managers and opportunities for continued learning.

When it comes to career development, we focus on shared goals and individualized feedback. Each goal ladders up to our overriding goal: to advance healthcare in support of better health for all. We establish clear goals and regularly measure their achievement, and compensation increases are tied to their success. We encourage managers to provide ongoing coaching through discussions and quarterly check-in meetings. Through this process, managers provided formal feedback on 94% of eligible employees in the U.S. and Canada.

Training is important to career development. It helps employees succeed in their roles and prepares them for new challenges. It strengthens managers’ coaching and management skills. Besides classroom training, we also offer classes through telepresence and fully online on-demand courses, so employees can learn when it fits their schedules. In FY19, our employees completed more than 290,000 hours of training (across the countries that are included in our centralized learning management platform, including Canada, the U.S., and some employees in the UK and Ireland).

We are always on the lookout for high-potential employees, and we have processes to help them advance. Through training, we encourage leaders to embrace diverse perspectives and lead inclusively.

In North America, programs like Leaders Teaching Leaders and Women in Leadership include training, coaching and 360-degree assessments. These courses support not only the careers of future leaders, but also those of the employees in their organizations.

When employees seek higher education, we support them through the educational assistance program, which awarded 1,175 tuition reimbursement grants totaling $2.1 million in FY19.

In Europe, we developed the START, GROW, DRIVE and EXPERT programs to promote talent and grow McKesson’s international talent pool. START, GROW and DRIVE are for managers, while EXPERT supports specialists in expanding their knowledge and tackling increasingly complex challenges.

Keeping workplaces safe and secure

Patient and employee safety is the foundation for all our work at McKesson. That’s why we incorporate health and safety into all parts of our operations.

We start by being proactive. Our Security and Safety department in the U.S. continually monitors our environment to identify potential risks, so we can prevent and mitigate them. That includes having procedures in place and investing in equipment for physical and electronic security.

In North America, we routinely assess all of our key facilities to make sure they follow our established security and safety standards. If we identify a vulnerability, we document it and the facility prepares a plan to address it. Across distribution facilities, we prepare a monthly Leading Safety Indicator Dashboard to measure conformance to our standards.

In FY19, our distribution centers in the U.S. had a 96.9% effectiveness rate in core injury-prevention programs, including joint health and safety committees, periodic self-inspections, and employee training.

Reducing workplace injuries

The first step to reducing workplace injuries is preventing them. In distribution centers, we focus on initiatives like safe lifting and pre-shift stretching. We focus on ergonomic design, as well as slip, trip and fall prevention.

In the U.S., injury rates (number of recordable injuries per 100 employees) improved in both distribution centers and offices during FY19. Total recordable injuries declined by 11% and lost-time injuries declined by 15%. In Canada, the injury frequency rate remained the same from FY18 and the severity index declined. In Europe, the FY19 rate was 6.6 recordable injuries per one million hours worked.

Training is the cornerstone of safety

Across McKesson North America, we foster a “working together, protecting together” culture. Our safety training programs are for employees at all levels. Throughout their time at McKesson, employees learn to identify and control hazards they may encounter at work or at home. They also receive specialized training related to their role, environment or the equipment they use. Just as we continually update our processes, we update and add new training programs, and we train managers to coach employees on safe work practices. In FY19, U.S. employees completed over 25,000 safety training courses.

In FY20, we’ll continue to provide a safe and secure work environment for our employees and, by extension, for the customers and patients who depend on us.

By helping people access quality healthcare at lower cost, we help make better health possible.Access to healthcare

Across our company, we champion programs that help people access quality healthcare at a lower cost. Here are a few examples:

  • Bringing online doctors to patients: In the UK, our LloydsPharmacy business offers online access to healthcare. Patients go to the website, choose a medication they would like to receive, and answer a series of questions. That information is examined by a doctor, who runs it through a sophisticated clinical algorithm that determines if it is safe to prescribe the medication. If the doctor needs to know more, he or she can send a personalized message to the patient in seconds. After the doctor approves the medication, he or she electronically signs the prescription. Patients can opt to either pick it up or have it delivered to their home. To keep the algorithms as safe and efficient as possible, they’re constantly updated. Besides convenience and less wait time, this service gives patients discretion for sensitive topics, such as hair-loss treatment and sexual health.
  • Bringing electronic health records to First Nations families: In Canada, Jordan’s Principle is a legal rule designed to make sure First Nations families have equal access to healthcare. The Cowichan Tribes of Vancouver Island realized that without access to their own health information, it would be difficult to take an active role in their own healthcare. That’s why they partnered with McKesson Canada’s RelayHealth on Closing the Circle of Care. The project honors the tribes’ teachings, which include working collectively for improved health. With RelayHealth, tribe members now have secure access to their health records, along with the ability to directly message their healthcare providers online.
  • Caring for patients in rural settings: Rural areas often have an older population with a greater need for managing medications, yet they have less access to pharmacy services. In the U.S., McKesson’s Health Mart business supports more than 5,000 pharmacies across the country, with nearly 30% located in rural communities. Health Mart is a franchise program that helps independent pharmacies compete with chain and mail-order pharmacies. McKesson helps Health Mart pharmacies get competitive reimbursement rates. Other services include branding, in-store marketing advice and peer support. Keeping rural pharmacies healthy is only part of the story. In many communities, the pharmacist is the first line of defense for patients. Yet regulations are inconsistent across U.S. states. For example, pharmacists can give vaccinations in some states but not in others. In the U.S., McKesson advocates with policymakers for consistent licensing rules across states. The goal is to make care more accessible — and help shift it to lower-cost settings.

Caring for our communities

Giving back is a great way to build healthier communities. We provide opportunities that encourage and support employee volunteering and giving. Our programs are built to reflect our focus on better care, whether that means celebrating our Community Heroes or responding to emergencies.

In 2019, McKesson launched and seeded with $100 million, a national, private, grantmaking foundation focused solely on advancing solutions to the opioid crisis.?FORE, the Foundation for Opioid Response Efforts, works to identify actions that can be taken to stem the epidemic and drive meaningful solutions, such as focusing on education for patients, caregivers and providers; addressing key policy issues; and increasing access to life-saving treatments. It is overseen by a board mostly comprised of outside directors, including healthcare and subject-matter experts, to ensure FORE’s work reflects diverse perspectives and approaches to addressing this epidemic.

Giving back, with a focus on better health

In FY19, McKesson Corporation contributed $2.3 million in cash and merchandise to support a variety of charitable organizations in the U.S., Canada and Europe, and the McKesson Foundation disbursed more than $3.7 million.


Volunteering Highlights


16,750 employees helped build care packages at 150 locations across North America and raised over $222,000 for cancer care

Donated more than $48,000 in 8 countries through Community Heroes volunteer award program

10,537 employees in the U.S. and Canada participated in McKesson in Motion charity wellness challenge and raised $115,000 for cancer care

257 employees serve as Regional Volunteer Chairs in North America

Here are some of the areas we focused on in FY19:

  • Supporting cancer patients: In North America, the McKesson Foundation works with a network of Cancer Care Community Partners. These nonprofits are located near where our employees live and work. We support these partners through Giving Comfort, a charity program that has provided care packages to more than 76,000 cancer patients.

    Employees create the care packages during Community Days, an annual volunteering event that drew 16,750 employees in 150 locations in FY19. By volunteering, employees also earn McKesson Foundation grants for their local Community Partner.

    They also support the partners through McKesson in Motion, a charity wellness challenge that engaged more than 10,500 employees. During the challenge, employees completed workouts to support the fight against cancer. By participating, they earned McKesson Foundation grants for our Community Partners — just as they do for Community Days.

    We could not bring these programs to life without the 257 employees across Canada and the U.S. who serve as Regional Volunteer Chairs across McKesson offices and distribution centers. They organize local events and inspire their colleagues to join our companywide volunteer programs.

    In Europe, both our businesses and their employees showed their support for cancer nonprofits. For example, our LloydsApotek business in Sweden surveyed its employees to identify the nonprofits they most wished to support. Their top pick was Ung Cancer (Young Cancer), which provides psychosocial and community support to young cancer patients. For the past three years, LloydsApotek has made annual donations to the organization in lieu of other holiday gift-giving. In Germany, our GEHE business donates to PRIMAKLIMA, a nonprofit that organizes an annual camp to provide support and community for children fighting cancer.
  • Growing the international marrow registry: In the U.S., we continue to partner with the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Registry to grow our McKesson Marrow Drive. Together, we’ve added more than 5,200 committed donors to the international registry. Employees register during voluntary biometric screenings, refer friends and family, and organize drives in the community. We also sponsor drives at partner universities. The registry urgently needs donors of diverse backgrounds, and we have partnered closely with McKesson’s employee resource groups to help get the donors they need. As of the end of FY19, the drive has led to 26 matches and five transplants. Interest is growing across our company. In late FY19, our GEHE business in Germany started a marrow drive in partnership with DKMS, an international nonprofit. Starting at GEHE’s headquarters, it has already expanded to several of its warehouses.
  • Volunteering our time and professional skills: Fiscal Year 2019 marked the first year of our General Counsel Organization (GCO) Volunteer & Pro Bono Program. This initiative offers an opportunity for members of the GCO to volunteer their time in service of their community – with options for doing so by sharing their professional skills. Through the program, GCO team members gave free legal advice to people in need at a Dallas clinic and provided free consulting to help Atlanta-area nonprofits navigate the legal system and spot legal issues that could affect them. We have had teams of GCO members volunteer at food banks in Las Colinas, Atlanta and Washington DC, and bring holiday cheer to a children’s center in Houston. The San Francisco office is currently sponsoring a research project to help enhance access to civil legal aid for victims of domestic violence.

    As it enters its second year, the program will seek additional ways to help our local communities as well as undertake projects more national in scope that provide opportunities for collaboration across the GCO.

Recognizing our heroes

Through the McKesson Community Heroes program, we celebrate employees who make outstanding contributions to their communities and workplaces. The program is open to all employees across the company. It works like this: Employees share stories of how they support the causes that matter most to them (for example, environmental awareness, patient health or a favorite charity). All applicants have one thing in common: They live by our ICARE shared principles.

Employees can nominate themselves or their peers. Voting panels in Canada, Europe and the U.S. select honorable mention recipients and finalists. An international panel selects the top winners.

In FY19, we recognized 29 employees in eight countries with grants exceeding $48,000. The top three winners each received a $5,000 grant.

  • Sara Shelton, Richmond, Virginia, U.S. Sara volunteers with Safe Harbor, a nonprofit that serves survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking. She helps people rebuild their lives. Since 2012, Sara has covered hospital shifts for 24–36 hours each month. Two years ago, she joined Safe Harbor’s board.
  • Wendy Francis, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. For the past three years, Wendy has volunteered with the Family Council of Seven Oaks, a care center for people with Alzheimer’s, dementia and other mental health issues. Recently, she stepped up to serve as council chair, volunteering up to 15 hours every week.
  • Ezio Riva, Carugate, Italy. Four years ago, Ezio and his friends started La Compagnia della Polenta, a nonprofit that serves the homeless in Milan, Italy. They give out homemade food along with beverages, clothes and hygiene products. To promote sustainability, they cook vegan meals and use supplies that can be recycled.

While we can only recognize a small number of employees as Community Heroes, we consider every volunteer and donor a hero. In North America, employees can earn grants for volunteering and serving on a nonprofit’s board of directors, and they can double their charitable donations through our matching gifts program.

Stepping forward during emergencies

When emergencies strike, we stand by our employees, customers and communities. In FY19, these were again close to home in the U.S., as many found themselves in the paths of Hurricanes Florence and Michael and in California, our neighbors faced massive and deadly fires.

When natural disasters appear likely, we act quickly. McKesson contacts customers and first responders to encourage them to order additional inventory. We prepare our facilities for difficult conditions and stock extra medication and supplies, such as vaccines for first responders. We partner with government agencies to help our drivers access roads, so patients can receive the medications they need.

In addition, we support disaster relief through our Taking Care of Our Own Fund, a relief fund that supports our people when the unexpected happens. Since 2013, it has provided cash grants to employees who face hardship after sudden and severe events, including natural disasters and personal hardships. It is supported by donations from McKesson and the McKesson Foundation, as well as from employees.

In FY19, as part of the Taking Care of Our Own Fund, we introduced Get You to Safety $1,000 grants to provide evacuation assistance to employees. The grant money is wired within 24 hours for qualified government-declared disasters. We also expanded the Fund to McKesson Canada. During the fiscal year, these grants supported more than 180 McKesson employees affected by Hurricanes Florence and Michael, as well as California fires, and floods in the Midwest and Quebec. In total, the Fund supported 393 employees with more than $842,000 in grants in FY19.

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